Plan City

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Wooden Parking Garage



The Parking Garage is equipped with three floors of parking space, an elevator tower, and helipad. The set includes a figure, car, gas station and car washing machine.

  • Children will have fun along with understanding the function of the parking garage. They can use the elevator for transportation and the set also includes the gas station and car wash. Children can role play various characters like worker/customer and tell imaginative stories. Parents can ask open-ended questions and talk to children helping to develop language skill.
  • Children can move the car up and down the ramp, park the car etc. understanding how the amount of energy needed to control the car to their desired destination including development of eye-hand coordination.
  • To add more fun and enlarge their dream city, children can add other PlanToys Road & Rail set.

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Wood Fire Station

  • With the Fire Station, children can pretend to be firemen - ringing the fire-alarm by pushing the red knob, and the fire engine can be released from the fire station’s garage
  • Children can play with other sets of PlanCity to boost more fun and learn more
  • Generosity and helpfulness of children are created through the play in this Rescue Center. Also, they can understand more about the roles of this occupation.