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Pirate Ship

  • Encourages creative play in a positive learning environment
  • PlanToys is committed to minimizing their impact on the environment
  • Recognized by some of the most prestigious awards in the industry
  • PlanToys practices The three R's of Green Living-- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Made from non-toxic natural materials such as organic rubberwood


This charming robot features four interchangeable heads, which teach emotions and offer different tactile & auditory experiences. Legs are movable for standing or sitting.


60 Piece Construction Set



The 60 pieces of this wooden construction set can be easily assembled
and disassembled with the screwdriver and wrench to create any
imaginable form. Children will enjoy twisting and turning in order to
assemble the parts together as per the guidelines provided in the set
helping to develop fine motor skills, concentration and eye-hand
coordination. With even more pieces, this set provides opportunity for
children to design and assemble according to their endless imaginations.
To add more fun, children can add the 30 piece Construction Set, Build
N Roll, 50 Unit Block Set or the Unit Building Blocks. The pacakge is
15" x 3.7" x 9".


Build N Roll




There are 44 natural and color blocks come with 3 wooden balls. This set includes a special accessory to construct a windmill. It is compatible with PlanToys Construction Set. This set provides opportunity for children to be a designer by constructing the tracks various kind.. … through designing, planning and change track to form a loop as per their imagination developing intellectual and thinking capacity.



Wood Fire Engine

  • The Fire Engine is equipped with rotating and extendable ladder.
  • There is Fire Hose and Fire Extinguisher.
  • Encourage and enhance children's imagination, motor skill and eye-hand coordination
  • Comes with 2 people

3 years +