Pickl-It Parts

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Pickl-It Dunk'R

Pickl-It Dunk'R
Our specially-designed Dunk’R holds the vegetables under the brine! We tested a lot of contraptions over the last half-dozen years, searching for just the right one, holding vegetables under the brine without trapping excess carbon dioxide and oxygen. Some were too small, some too large – but then we located a glass laboratory to make a Dunk’R, to be Just Right!
•High-quality laboratory glass
•Flat bottom holds wide-variety food shapes under brine: grated, sliced, diced or whole
•Concave top leaves space for airlock just in case food expands (normal), pushing Dunk’R up against the cover (Solution: do not over-pack Pickl-It)
•Doesn’t sink down through the food
•Gentle downward pressure encourages oxygen up and out of food
•Allows oxygen and excess carbon-dioxide to escape around its edges
•Odor resistant
•Color resistant
•Heavy-metal free
Not all ferments require the Dunk’R, and some Pickl-It sizes benefit from multiple. So, the Pickl-It Dunk’R is available as an add-on option for the Pickl-It fermenting system.



Pickl-It Plug'R - 3 Pack

Pickl-It Plug'R
The Pickl-It Plug’R simply and easily converts your Pickl-It to a refrigerator-storage container!
It’s easy to do –

•Gently remove the airlock with a clock or counter-clockwise twisting motion, holding on to the grommet to give it extra support.

•Gently twist the Plug’R in to the red grommet on the lid
Insert the Plug’R, just until you feel resistance; no need to push down all the way

The Pickl-It Plug’R was designed to release excessive carbon dioxide (CO2). The Plug’R will “pop” out, before the jar “pops”!

No matter your storage method, you should always release the CO2 build-up. Unlike screw-on two-part metal or plastic lids, the Plug’R keeps oxygen out of the fermenting chamber.

Simply pull the Plug’R out for a short 2-3 seconds, and reinsert!

That is all it takes to release excess CO2 from the Pickl-It. In its rush to get out, the CO2 pushes oxygen away from the cover, so oxygen won’t get in! Simple!




Mini-Airlocks for Refrigerated Storage!
•50% smaller than our full-size airlock

•Two-part construction


•Fits all Pickl-It lids

•Included with all 3/4-Liter, 1-Liter, Condiment Duo, and   Condiment Trio

•Ideal for refrigerator-storage of foods that require long-term “curing” and are active producers of carbon dioxide, such as kraut, pickled-cukes, kimchi, and pepper mashes

•Not intended for use on 3-Liter, 4-Liter, or 5-Liter larger for initial fermentation; may be used for secondary-fermentation on these sizes, or long-term storage



Airlock Replacement

Airlock Replacement
This is the same high-quality barrel-style airlock which comes with every Pickl-It lacto-fermentation system.



Replacement Airlock Grommet

Replacement Airlock Grommet
This is designed to replace the airlock grommet located on the Pickl-It lid which may tear if the airlock is not gently inserted, using a “screw-in” or twisting motion. Lubricating the airlock tip and the grommet, with a few drops of warm water, helps.
Simply pop out the torn grommet, and “pop” the replacement in place. The lid’s glass slips into the groove, in the center of the grommet.



Replacement Lid Seals

Replacement Lid Seals - Package of 6
All-natural food-grade, BPA-free Italian rubber-gaskets, dishwasher safe are specially designed to replace Pickl-It lid seals. Having a set of replacements on-hand is a good idea!