Pickl-It Kits


Pickl-It Lid Kit


Original Fermentation Lid Kit Convert "Fido" jars for anaerobic pickling  

- Restricting oxygen for superior results

- Pickl-It makes it easy to create fresh, low-carb, nutrient-dense, raw, naturally fermented sour pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, condiments, juices and so much more...

- Four colors available Buttercream Emerald Green (darker) Jade Green (lighter) White.


Kit includes:  Glass Fermentation Lid with built-in silicone Grommet, 3-Part Airlock Plug.


Will work on any sized Fido jar.

****OUT OF STOCK (we have ONE left)



Glass Weight for Pickling

Keep your fermenting food items submerged by adding this glass weight to the jar. For a successful fermentation or pickling, you'll want to make sure all of the food product remains below the level of the brining liquid. This will keep your veggies in an anaerobic environment where the "good" bacteria can work its magic and prevent mold growth. Simply fill and pack your jar with your food item(s), fill with brine, and place the glass weight on top before sealing the jar. When you're done, the convenient finger grips molded into the weight allow you to easily remove it from the jar. Compatible with standard wide-mouth mason jars and Pickl-It Jars.
****Sold single pack

Pickl-It Jars -

(no white)
LIMIT 3 per order!


Also ideal for small quantities of sourdough starters, kefir, lacto-fermented sodas, culturing buttermilk, jam, chutney, salsas, hot sauces or flatbreads.

Comes with:
Tight-fitting, air-tight glass lid
High-capacity easy-to-clean barrel-style airlock
FDA food-grade grommet Natural food-grad rubber white lid seal
Plug'R -Converts Pickl-It into storage container when airlock is removed
Glass Fido Jar with airlock lid

This is the most popular all-around “work-horse” jar with a wide-range of uses. If you are fermenting solid vegetables (not liquid ferments) you may wish to add one or more Pickl-It Dunk'Rs to your order.

***** We are a small Mom & Pop shop without a lot of inventory and ability to ship large orders. Shipping complete jars requires lots of packaging to arrive safely so we are NOT ABLE TO OFFER FREE SHIPPING on Pickl-It Jars. If you have access to Fido Jars - we suggest you order just the Lid Kits without the jars. We are also not able to fill larger orders. Please e-mail us with questions, to check availability or get a ship quote.

**** Choosing "any color" may help speed up your order



- Four colors available Buttercream, Jade Green (lighter), White.   Emerald Green (darker) is available for an additional $2.00. 



Pickl-It Dunk'R

I don't have DunkRs. I may not have them for a while.
If you place an order with DunkRs it will not ship until you respond and tell me to ship your order without DunkRs


Our specially-designed Dunk’R holds the vegetables under the brine! We tested a lot of contraptions over the last half-dozen years, searching for just the right one, holding vegetables under the brine without trapping excess carbon dioxide and oxygen. Some were too small, some too large – but then we located a glass laboratory to make a Dunk’R, to be Just Right!

•High-quality laboratory glass
•Flat bottom holds wide-variety food shapes under brine: grated, sliced, diced or whole
•Concave top leaves space for airlock just in case food expands (normal), pushing Dunk’R up against the cover (Solution: do not over-pack Pickl-It)
•Doesn’t sink down through the food
•Gentle downward pressure encourages oxygen up and out of food
•Allows oxygen and excess carbon-dioxide to escape around its edges
•Odor resistant
•Color resistant
•Heavy-metal free

Not all ferments require the Dunk’R, and some Pickl-It sizes benefit from multiple. So, the Pickl-It Dunk’R is available as an add-on option for the Pickl-It fermenting system.




Pickle Pebbles - Pickling Weights

Keep your fermenting vegetables submerged. Standard or wide mouth sizes. These ARE NOT the Pickl-It brand DunkRs which we have been unable to get for close to a year now. But they do work the same way. A Wide Mouth Weight WILL FIT in the Fido Jars Pickl-It uses. Avaiable as a single or a 4 pack. 

  • DON'T LET YOUR FERMENTING VEGETABLES SPOIL: A critical step in making healthy and delicious fermented food is keeping the veggies submerged in the brine to prevent spoilage. Our beautiful glass stones keep veggies out of the open air inside the jar.
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR MASON JARS: Pickle Pebbles are specially designed by Masontops - the mason jar accessories expert. Choose between wide mouth and regular mouth. Becoming a perfect pickler is easy with these beautifully-crafted clear glass weights.
  • FINGER GRIP FOR EASY REMOVAL: Once you're ready to sample your healthy and delicious fermented vegetable recipes, you can quickly and easily remove the Pickle Pebble by pinching patented handy finger grip and lifting them out. A perfect pickle every time!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Pickle Pebbles are made from non-porous crystal clear glass, so you'll see what's going on with your ferment. Made of the same food-safe soda lime glass as mason jars, they're handwashable or can go in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Pickl-It Brine-Grind - Pure White Sea Salt - 1 lb bag

This high-quality clean, pure, natural sea salt is the best fermenting salt money can buy! Hand harvested, naturally (not kiln) dried, and mineral rich we have selected this salt as the preferred salt sold by Pickl-It and recommended for Pickl-It fermenting.

Our salt is custom ground to a near-power (like powered sugar) to quickly and easily dissolve even in cold water!

We believe you will also love this salt for cooking and at the table

****Only ONE bag left - hoping for more in a few weeks




Mini-Airlocks for Refrigerated Storage!

We love these low-profile 2-piece airlocks for their compact size and simple design. Instead of a floating plastic "hat", the center piece is molded into the lid. One less thing to clean and misplace!

  • Holds approximately 0.4 fl oz (12 ml)
  • Chamber - 1-1/2" tall x 1-3/8" diameter
  • Stem - 1" long

•50% smaller than our full-size airlock

•Two-part construction


•Fits all Pickl-It lids

•Ideal for refrigerator-storage of foods that require long-term “curing” and are active producers of carbon dioxide, such as kraut, pickled-cukes, kimchi, and pepper mashes

•Not intended for use on 3-Liter, 4-Liter, or 5-Liter larger for initial fermentation; may be used for secondary-fermentation on these sizes, or long-term storage



Airlock Replacement



Airlock Replacement

These airlock replacements are for brewing and fermenting.