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Crib Natural Wool Puddle Pad

This natural Puddle Pad is our favorite option for moisture proofing an Organic Crib Mattress. Our unique moisture pads are made from untreated wool from Pacific Northwest free range sheep.  The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones.  They free range graze on lush fields that is not treated with pesticides or herbicides. This pure wool is felted here in the United States to create a perfect pad to resist liquids. Softer than competitor wool pads so you don't get that itchy feeling. No treatments, no plasticizers.  You can machine wash ours as we oversize them to allow for the shrinkage. Hang dry indoors. Dries fast. Urine does not grow bacteria on these, so only wash if soiled.  Crib 28 x 52".

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Crib Mattress Pad by Coyuchi

100% organic cotton, inside and out, our crib mattress pad sets the perfect foundation on top of the mattress and under a crib fitted sheet. Finished with two-inch quilted squares and a 220 percale covering. Free of chemical finishes and flame retardants, GOTS certified.

Tip from the experts: Never underestimate the value of a good mattress pad. It will extend the life of your mattress dramatically by helping to fend off spills, stains, sweat and skin oils. We recommend washing your mattress pad monthly.

Our cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in India.   28 x 52"

All of our organic cotton products are machine washable. We recommend machine washing on the gentle or delicate cycle with like colors, with cold water and a natural, plant based laundry detergent. We do not recommend using whiteners, as bleaching agents may diminish the brilliance and depth of the colors; when needed, use only non-chlorine bleach. Line dry, or tumble dry low and remove promptly. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets reduce the absorbency of cotton textiles and are not recommended. Place a set of our wool dryer balls inside the dryer to naturally soften the fabric and reduce drying time. Use a warm iron as needed.


Crib Mattress Protector

100% organic cotton, 13 oz flannel lays the perfect foundation for your baby's organic bed. The protector is natural in color because it is un-dyed, perfect for even our most sensitive customers, designed to be the most natural cover with minimal processing and treatment. It is thick, absorbent flannel, so it offers protection to your mattress without a lot of extra layers and batting. A unique construction of flannel on top and sides with elastic on all sides for a secure fit on the mattress.

Cotton is 100% organic, and sourced in Germany. Made by Coyuchi


Organic Cotton Knit Crib Fitted Pad


Machine Wash and Dry. These are just great. They have so much give to keep your mattress feeling pliable. Is absorbent with fibers of organic cotton sandwiched between 2 layers of organic cotton knit. Features elastic all around for a great fit. Will shrink approximately 15% when washed and dried, warm water delicate washing and regular dry.  (has 10" drop)   Best when used with moisture pad to help protect crib from wetness.  For heavy over-wetting - organic cotton quilted crib pad can be used for lots of absorbancy. Made in USA



Deluxe Organic Cotton Quilted Pad


Our Organic Cotton Quilted Pad is the perfect absorbent pad to help protect your little ones' mattress from life's little accidents. This pad has 14 oz of organic cotton per square yard so it's nice and thick, and highly absorbent. Standard Crib Size 28 x 52 Additionally, this pad is machine washable and dryable so it is very easy care and easy clean! It is highly recommend to purchase this pad and also one of our moisture pads to use in combination for the perfect liquid protection for any Baby, Crib, Toddler, or Child's mattress.


Savvy Baby Mattress Pad




Densely woven to resist moisture breakthrough, the natural wool* crib mattress pad protects your baby's mattress.

  • Natural, unbleached color.
  • Hand wash in mild detergent; line dry.
  • Dimensions: 28" x 52".

*Wool from organically-raised sheep.



Stokke Untreated Wool Puddle Pad

Untreated wool moisture protection for your Stokke Mattress. Protects your mattress in the most natural and breathable way. Wool absorbs far more than cotton and is naturally anti-bacterial and does not need frequent washing. Odors and bacteria are gone by the time it dries.

Our unique Untreated Wool moisture pads are made from lambswool. The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. no antibiotics, no musling, treated humanely. This untreated wool is woven to create a perfect pad to resist liquids. No treatments, no plasticizers. You can machine wash in delicate or hand wash cycle in cool water as we oversize them to allow for the shrinkage. Hang dry indoors. Dries fast. Urine does not grow bacteria on these, so only wash if soiled.  

Machine washable on cold. Line dry or air fluff (no heat!) Use wool soap with lanolin when you do wash to retain moisture resistance.

27" x 48" OVAL