Nature's Head -IN STOCK NOW!

Nature's Head Dry Composting Urine Separating Self-Contained Composting Toilet

The Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet is the perfect solution for RV's, cabins, basements, campers, workshops, boats, and tiny home applications.  The Natures Head is a user-friendly, economical, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to modern composting toilets.  Did we mention NO SMELL??  That's right, zero smell.
Nature's Head Composting Toilet
Starts at:
Extra Base, with Lid
Starts at:
Nature's Head Shell Vent Assembly
Starts at:
PVC vent kit
Starts at:
110 AC adapter
Starts at:
Spider Handle and Agitator Refit Kit
Starts at:
Extra Bottle for Liquids
Starts at:
Mushroom Ventilator System 3 inch
Starts at:
Lid for Solids Bin
Starts at:
Extra Vent Hose
Starts at:
Standard Handle and Bi-Directional Agitator Refit Kit
Starts at:
Coconut Coir Fiber Brick
Starts at:
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