Mold Control

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Concrobium Mold Control

How often have you scrubbed household mold stains only to have them reappear within days or weeks?   Concrobium Mold Control is a revolutionary EPA-registered specialty mold product that is approved for both mold remediation and mold prevention.

The solution’s patented technology coats surfaces with an invisible antimicrobial shield that encapsulates and inhibits the growth of mold and fungal spores, prevents growth, and eliminates musty odors.

Concrobium Mold Control is the only mold specialty product that is:

Free of ammonia, bleaches or VOCs

Ideal for use on existing mold

Ideal for prevention of new mold growth

EPA-registered as a Fungistat and Mildewstat

Odorless and colorless

Concrobium Mold Control: A New Approach to Mold Remediation and Prevention

Most products that claim to inhibit mold problems – whether bleach-based, ammonia-based or otherwise – do so by overexposing the microorganism to toxic chemical substances.  The problem is that these same chemicals are often toxic to humans and animals.  As a result, the fumes and residue that these products generate during and after use can pose health risks to users and building occupants.


Unlike other antimicrobial products on the market, Concrobium Mold Control contains no bleach, ammonia, acids or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  The product's unique, patented solution works by encapsulating and then physically surrounding the underlying mold, inhibiting its growth.

When using the gallon container, we recommend using a spray bottle.

****In independent lab tests, Concrobium Mold Control was given the lowest toxicity rating possible (Category IV).



BioZap Air Purifier and Deodorizer

BioZap All-Natural Air Purifier and Deodorizer

If persistent, noxious odors are invading your home or basement look no further than BioZap Air Purifier and Deodorizer to purify your living space from unpleasant smells. BioZap utilizes the unique powers of Australian Tea Tree Oil and is particularly effective in areas where musty odors are caused by molds and mildew, such as basements, crawlspaces, boats, and water-damaged buildings.

Simply remove the lid of the BioZap jar, place it in the affected room, and allow for it to gently release vapors of the essential oil into the air. Released vapors will permeate throughout the living space and into porous materials, like curtains, upholstery, carpeting, and drywall. Over time the vapors will not only "scrub" the air and furnishings of the odors but will also make the air "smell clean."

All-Natural Solution – Chemical solutions will normally mask odors and can even make the situation worse. The Australian Tea Tree Oil does not just mask odors with a scent but breaks them down. Unlike man-made cleaners BioZap contains no synthetic scents or harmful VOCs and the vapors of the Australian Tea Tree oil are not harmful to humans or pets. The essential oil used is classified as non-hazardous.

Where BioZap is Being Used

BioZap is used against mold and mildew odor so it's most common use is in musty smelling basements and crawlspaces. Place jars in living spaces with high humidity or during periods of muggy weather (A/C systems cannot reduce humidity enough) which are prone to molds and mildew:

  • Basements and Crawlspaces
  • Bathrooms, or Garage – Residential and commercial use.
  • Boats, Ships – Use for boat winterizing.
  • Storage Facilities or Containers – Spaces with little ventilation and air flow.
  • Disaster Restoration – Effective in extreme situations like eliminating the odors from water flooding, fire damage, or sewer backup.
  • Heating, Ventilation, A/C systems – An and effective solution for cleaning and deodorizing the ducts and connected rooms. Place ONE (1) 2-lb. jar of BioZap into a return air duct and let the vapor dissipate through the building.

BioZap is also effective against body odor, pet odor, and smoke odor making it ideal for use in gyms (used in various Fitness Edge® locations), locker rooms, kennels, and for restorations. Use for confined or gathering places to eliminate body sweat and pet odors:

  • Gyms and Locker Room
  • Cars, R-V’s, Trailers, Campers, Tents
  • Hotel and Motel Rooms
  • Office Buildings
  • Kennels, Horse Stables

Deodorize Smelly Furniture, Clothing, and Books – Normally, these items have to be discarded but BioZap has proved successful in salvaging them. Place the affected items in a smaller dry room like a garage or a tent and spread them out or hang them up to allow access of air. Use several jars of BioZap Air Purifier and a fan to blow the vapors over the items.

Available in 16 ounce or 32 ounce. Single container.



BioZap Mold and Mildew Cleaner, 32 oz


The All-Natural Mold and Mildew Cleaner

BioZap Mold & Mildew Cleaner is a 100% All-Natural, Safe, and Non-Toxic surface cleaner made from the essential oil of the Australian Tea Tree. BioZap naturally breaks down mold and mildew, deodorizes, and deep-cleans porous materials and textiles around the home. Use for cleaning and purifitying organic stains and odors, such as body sweat, blood, grass, and pets.

BioZap is biodegradable and environment-friendly so it can be used safely on most surfaces, including concrete, masonry, wood, carpets, clothes, canvas, fiberglass, vinyl, and paint. Use BioZap anywhere mold and mildew stains or offensive odors are found:

  • BASEMENTS – Clean mold and mildew in damp basements.
  • BATHROOMS – Safely cleans bathroom mold.
  • ATTICS – Remove attic mold due to excessive moisture.
  • BOATS – Cleans mold from boat storage, RV's
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT – Safely cleans sports equipment (hockey, football), keeps leather pliable.
  • AIR-CONDITIONING – Removes existing mold in air-conditioner, vents.

BioZap™ Laundry Pre-Soak

BioZap™ Laundry Pre-Soak to the Rescue!

Only BioZap™ will make your laundry naturally clean and odor-free! Contains no chlorine, bleach, or harsh chemicals. Neutral pH. Does not emit toxic fumes. Does not contain perfumes.

BioZap uses the highest grade of Australian Tea Tree Oil (TTO) – Nature’s most powerful air cleaner and deodorizer. Tea tree oil (TTO) helps clean mildew and organic stains, organic contaminants, and odor molecules hidden inside the fabric.More on the unique powers of Australian Tea Tree Oil

It is like letting loose an army of tiny Packmen that munch deep inside the fabric on all the microscopic invaders and microbes surrounding the fibers. They even help remove bugs because the organic acids in TTO soften their exoskeletons/shells.

BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak normally removes stains and odors after one wash cycle. It is color-safe for washable fabrics. It is environment- and user-friendly. An all-natural organic product. Biodegradable. Nature's alternative to bleach!


Eva Dry 2200 Electric Dehumidifier

Powerful, Quiet, and Efficient



The EDV2200 is a mid-sized capacity, electric dehumidifier. The unit works in areas of the home that are up to 2,200 cubic feet and cools the home via thermal electric Peltier technology. It's effectiveness is measured in gathering approximately 20.5 oz. of water per day at 86° F and 80% R.H. Additional specifications of the EDV2200 includes: a power adapter of 12V DC 6AMP, power consumption of 72W, 2 Liter capacity removable water tank and an automatic water level detector switch to indicate tank is full. The unit measures 8 ½"L x 14"W x 6 3/4"H and carries a UPC # of 832856000275.


Recommended Uses:

  • Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms: Eva-Dry absorbs excess moisture form vapor related activities, and helps dry fabrics faster.
  • Bedrooms: While absorbing excess moisture you are also reducing dust activity, and consequently the risk of allergies.
  • Vacation Homes: Absorbs musty odors from stagnant air, and prevents damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Basements: Protects stored clothing and tools from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Storage Spaces: Protects your stored clothing, electronics, and furniture from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Stored Boats/RVs/Classic Cars: Protects storage from damage caused by excess moisture and musty odors from stagnant air.

Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifiers



We use one of these little units under our bed to keep moisture from turning to mold, as we live where it rains for months in the winter.  Also excellent for closets and other problem areas where mold is likely to grow.

The Eva-Dry renewable mini dehumidifier line operates with a technologically advanced Silica gel (a very thirsty substance) that silently absorbs moisture from wherever it is placed.  As the Eva-Dry proceeds to collect moisture from the atmosphere, there is an indicator window on the front of the unit that contains color changing moisture meter crystals.  These will change from blue (when dry) to Pink (when wet).  Once all of the crystals have reached that Pink color (this should take 3-6 weeks depending on the amount of humidity in the air) it is time to re-new the unit. To re-new, simply fold down the hidden plug on the back of the Eva-Dry and plug it into any well ventilated area for 8-10 hours. This action will activate the internal heating element which will in turn evaporate all of the collected moisture.  This process can be repeated for up to 10 years!

Small Unit E-333 $19

Larger Unit E-500 $30


Eva-dry Dehumidifier 1100



The Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier uses Peltier Technology (no compressor) which makes it light and quiet.  It is perfect for bathrooms, and small to mid-sized rooms where dampness and humidity are a problem.  This unit is small enough to easily fit on your desk or workbench.  It extracts the moisture from the air and stores it in a spill-proof reservoir.  Just plug in and it quietly dries the air.  Features an automatic shut-off switch to shut the unit off when the water reservoir is full.  When this occurs a "full" indicator light will alert you when the reservoir needs to be emptied.  Holds up to 16 oz.