Kids Mattresses

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Organic and Natural 4" Budget Latex



This organic outer mattress is a 4.5" core of natural latex (absolutely no synthetics, no chemicals) wrapped in Organic Wool and Organic cotton quilted outer.  It finishes out at about 5". The wool is our natural flame retardant. There is no boric acid or chemical flame retardants added. Our bestseller for kids! This is a budget alternative to our standard 6" Natural Latex Mattress. This mattress works great for kids or adults either on a budget or who don't mind a less decadent mattress. My 19-year-old son (who is 6' 3") has this in his room and loves it. This can be made in custom sizes to fit motorhomes, campers, etc. A very nice option at a very good price. This mattress may not be supportive enough for larger adults or football player sized teens. 

This mattress works best on a slat style or platform bed with slats every 2-3". It does not need a boxspring, as it will make the mattress too soft....For added height you can use a wood foundation, but this is a "pricey to ship" item that ups the price of a budget mattress, as it must ship by freight company. (It is also an extra piece to purchase, produce and eventually dispose of, which we at Organic Grace try to avoid)

****PLEASE NOTE all organic mattresses are handmade and may vary by up to one inch.....

***We recomended a wool puddle pad as moisture protection for kids mattresses.

***If you received one of these in the past with a Zip Off Outer - the outer is NOT WASHABLE - SPOT CLEAN ONLY! These are no longer Zip Outers....

Twin 4" Budget Latex generally ships within a week.  If you need it sooner, tell us in the notes at checkout!   Full through King has about a 2 week lead time.


$ 895.00  Twin    
$1060.00 Twin X-Long
$1400.00 Full
$1500.00 Queen
$1830.00 King



My First Big Bed

PureRest's twin economical natural 4.5" rubber(31 ILD) core is wrapped in organic wool moisture pad fabric for a mattress for children. There is no cotton batting, just the organic wool outer. A great first twin size mattress for kids. With the moisture pad outer, you are protecting your mattress from wetness (we do recommend an organic cotton mattress pad or wool moisture pad that can be washed regularly for leaks, spills, sweating, etc.) As your child grows you have the option to add an organic outer 2" latex mattress topper to use this mattress into adulthood.

This mattress is generally ordered by people wanting absolutely no cotton whatsoever in their mattress, either because they live in a potentially moldy climate or because of severe dust mite allergies or ashtma in the family. 


****PLEASE NOTE all organic mattresses are handmade and may vary by up to one inch.....

Ships in about 4 weeks....


Trundle Bed Organic Wool Outer Mattress


We take a 4.5" natural rubber core and cover it with our organic wool moisture pad fabric. This makes a mattress that has no cotton on top at all to get bacteria or urine. It fully protects itself. It is the best for anyone that has a severe dust mite allergy or a mold problem in their home. The wool and the rubber protects from insects and from molds. Made for kids up to 100 lbs or so. When child gets heavier you can add a 2" topper.

These are mattresses we designed specifically for young children.

This is custom any size a wee bit smaller than twin 38 x 75" or smaller.

***FREE SHIPPING to 48 states.  Aprox. 4 week lead time....


Natural and Organic Child Size Pillows

Pillows in a perfect size for small children. 14" x 20" with a light fill.  Organic Cotton Outer.  Child size pillows are really thin and are very small and very flat. 14 x 20" x 1 -2" thick!   If this is not what you are looking for - please choose a standard size pillow. 

***If you are not looking for a really thin pillow, please consider a standard size instead.***

Shredded Latex Pillow   $45

Wool Pillow                 $45

Woolie Ball Pillow          $45

Kapok                              $45


Child Size Organic Cotton Pillowcase

Organic Cotton Pillowcase that will fit your 14 x 20" size pillow. This organic pillowcase has an envelope foldover opening. White or Natural.