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Pokeroot Tincture by Western Botanicals. Pokeroot is a miracle herb for those suffering from mastitis or clogged ducts. I have had more experience with this than any mom ever should and I have found pokeroot tincture to be most effective at clearing up clogged ducts and mastitis. Leave behind the antibiotics and try this all natural herbal remedy.

I carried this in my diaper bag, and if I took it at the first sign of a clogged duct (in hot tea will steep off the alcohol base) it would not progress to full blown mastitis. If you already have mastitis when you begin to take it, it may take a day to completely clear up. Do not exceed recommended dosage as Poke can be toxic at high levels. Gluten-Free (hot compresses also work wonders!). Comes in a 1 Ounce Dropperbottle. E-mail me for support or with questions.