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CC Solar Observer Radio


A must have for storms and emergencies. The CC Solar Observer is a C. Crane-designed, wind-up emergency radio with AM/FM and Weather Band. We made sure that it has good AM reception and an LED flashlight that is built into the end of the radio.

It can be very important in an emergency to have a way get power to the radio. You can get power to the radio from many sources:

  1. No sun, no problem. You can insert 3-AA alkaline batteries for power
  2. No alkaline batteries, still no problem. Crank the handle moderately for about 10 minutes for one hour of radio play or purchase AC adapter to charge battery pack. If AC adapter is purchased it is best to charge the battery overnight and then unplug.
  3. The easiest way is just put it in the sun. The radio plays for about the same number of hours the radio is in full sun.

In case you're wondering, along with good AM reception, you also get FM and the Weather band — which comes in really handy if you're using the radio during a power failure. The CC Observer has a built-in 2-inch speaker, or you can plug in your headphones for private listening in stereo.

We have included cell phone adapters for many popular cell phones and PDA’s so you can charge them with the CC Observer. We are unable to supply adapters for any other models at this time. Certain models, like a Blackberry®, can be charged but doing so requires vigorous cranking for a second or two to initialize the charge circuit on the phone. After that initial effort, you can crank it a normal pace.

Included cell phone adapters:

Moto V3 (Mini-B USB)
Samsung N630
Nokia 2.0mm

Weight: 1 lb. Size: 7.25" W x 5.5" H x 2" D



Quick Charger-2 by C. Crane


The CC Quick Charger-2 recharges four "AA", "AAA", "C" or "D" or two 9-volt NiMH batteries at a time. The Quick Charger-2 is not recommended for NiCad type batteris at this time. Just insert any combination of these batteries in any state of charge and close the lid. A discharge option is available which can be used to improve the capacity of new or seldom used batteries. There is also a USB port in the back for charging your MP3 player, cell phone or USB device. When using the USB port for charging, you must remove any batteries you have in the charger or wait until they have finished charging before the USB port will activate. Additional features include an LCD display screen that shows each battery and its charge level as it charges or discharges. The LCD display will also let you know if the battery is bad or causing a short circuit. There is a saftey timer built in for extra protection to prevent overcharging in special circumstances.