EMF Protection & Electrical

There are a lot of products on the market to help shield Electro Magnetic Wave Frequencies. Unfortunately, we hear from our friends at Bau Biologie (link is external), who test these things extensively, that most do not work. We will continue to add the products we find that do work.

The best thing you can do, is to buy or borrow a meter and test your home. Moving electrical appliances away from your body - where you tend to sit and most importantly, where you sleep - can make a big difference. Six feet away is the ideal minimum. Another step you can take for health is to rid your home of your cordless phones, which are actually worse than cell phones as they bombard your body with high levels of electro magnetic radiation even when not in use, and send constant interruptions to your immune system.

For more information on this click here (link is external).

Blocsock Cell Phone EMF Protection
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Quick Charger-2 by C. Crane
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Trifield Flat Frequency Meter
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CC Solar Observer Radio
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