Crib Mattresses

Crib Mattresses

Your baby deserves the safest start with an Organic Crib Mattress. A regular crib mattress is made up of toxic materials and then soaked in carcinogenic chemicals masquerading as flame retardants. These chemicals are found in woman's breastmilk and in cord blood from newborn babies. What is toxic to us adults is 15 times more toxic to your tiny baby. Don't sleep your baby on poison! These organic crib mattresses are made with care, attention to the purest Organic Cotton and chemical free Organic Wool. They are cozy, safe surfaces for your baby with no synthetic fabrics, plastics, formaldehyde, chemicals and dyes or fire retardants.

In New Zealand, chemicals in crib mattresses have been linked to SIDS. They have begun a mattress wrapping campaign and since then not one baby has died of SIDS on a wrapped or an organic mattress. Babies spend over half their lives sleeping. Protect your baby's health by buying organic!

***Our crib mattresses pass all nationwide flame tests using chemical free wool as a flame retardent. No doctors note needed.

****Please be aware of other manufacturers selling what they advertise as organic crib mattresses that are not necessarily what they appear to be. We have seen so called "organic" mattresses covered in vinyl - one of the most toxic things out there both healthwise and earthwise, mattresses made from GMO soy foams that are about 85% petrochemicals, and ones covered in plastic. Vinyl/plastic/petrochemicals are not organic materials and these mattresses do not fit into my definition of organic. Some of these mattresses even use chemical flame retardents. Please research your choices well and pick the mattress that suits your needs in the healthiest way possible.
( I have been asked to clarify my position on polyethene. While I do believe it is a better option for moms on a really tight budget to wrap their mattresses in polyethelene than to sleep a baby on a standard mattress that may give off toxic fumes linked with SIDS - I do not believe it is the best answer. I, personally, just don't really trust plastic when there is another viable option.)

Check out our Solid Maple Crib by Pacific Rim Woodworking

***We recommend a Wool Puddle Pad as our favorite option for protecting and moisture proofing your organic crib mattress.

Jennifer Ness 
I love the crib mattresses! We've bought one for each child. They are such nice quality and it gives me piece of mind to know that there are no flame retardants or plastics involved!

Sara F.

I just wanted to tell you that I bought the organic crib mattress for our son, who is now four. We lived in San Francisco, so we had shipped all the way from your store to our house. My husband and I are very visibly allergic to the chemicals in regular mattresses, and didn't want to expose our son. The mattress is great and has held up wonderfully. It fits a toddler bed, so my son is still using it. I always use a liner under the sheet, so it has stayed clean. I had to be a thrifty shopper, and bought many used items for my baby, including the crib. But I would not and did not compromise on the mattress. It is key to your baby's health, safety, and ability to sleep. I know its expensive, but I always recommend it, from your store, to my friends. Thank you for providing such a great product.

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Deluxe Organic Crib Mattress

This Organic Crib Mattress is made by Ecobaby - the leader in organic clean sleep. It is made with certified Organic Wool and certified Organic Cotton. Extra firm (non-oiled) innersprings (260 coil count) are covered with our fully quilted organic cotton batting for longer life than any other organic crib mattress. The wool gives natural flame retardency, and is naturally antibacterial as well. Absolutely no plastics, chemical flame retardants, petro-foams or other toxic materials. This crib mattress comes with a 5-year warranty.

Standard Crib Size 28 x 52 x 6" 

Also available is a sturdier toddler model with edge guards for extra support. This model supports the mattress edges so when a toddler sits on it, it does not compress as much. $20 Upcharge

*** FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states. This model is drop shipped from the manufacturer and ships within 2 weeks. Please let us know if you need it sooner.


Organic and Natural Latex Crib Mattress

Pure Natural Latex 4.5" core wrapped in Organic Wool and Organic Cotton, made by Ecobaby. It finishes out at about 5". This is a Super Firm (35 ILD) latex. No innersprings. Don't be fooled by other manufacturers who use a synthetic blend! Latex is naturally mold, mildew and dustmite resistant. Wool is naturally antibacterial and allows the latex to breathe, as well as providing fire retardancy. This mattress is a good choice for those who have allergies or sensitivities (as these tend to run in families) or who don't like the idea of metal springs, or who live in a damp climate. A good investment if you plan on using it for more than one child. 10 year warranty. 

28 x 52 x 5"

Free Shipping! (to the 48 states)!  Generally ships within a few days.  If you need it sooner, tell us in the notes at checkout!


Organic and Natural Savvy Baby Latex Crib Mattress

For those of you looking for the very best crib mattress, this 6" all natural latex mattress is wrapped in organic wool and organic cotton.

The mattress is built with 5 inches of firm, all natural latex. The top and bottom are covered with our Savvy Rest quilting made of organic wool quilted to organic cotton fabric.

  • All Savvy Rest quilting is free from cotton fiber. Cotton fiber attracts moisture and compresses. With moisture come allergy-triggering dust mites, mold, mildew and fungi. Instead of cheap cotton fiber, we fill our quilting with certified organic wool fiber. Wool is naturally repellent to dust mites. It also keeps the mattress’s inner environment dry, so your baby sleeps cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Dust mites also cannot live in latex, which is the core of every Savvy Rest mattress.
  • We use only natural latex, which is free of toxic chemicals that are believed harmful to babies’ developing brains.
  • Latex is comfortable, supportive for growing bodies, and very durable.
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Quilted top and bottom 
  • Sized for standard cribs: 27.5" x 52"
  • Total height: 6"
Note: The Savvy Baby performs best on solid-bottom cribs; rigid support is required. For spring-type cribs, a ventilated support board should be added.
Ship Note: Ships directly, normally within 7 days.

****Although the Savvy Rest Crib Mattress has a zip off cover - it is NOT WASHABLE.

***Ships in one week.   FREE SHIPPING!


Organic and Natural Crib Mattress Package

COMBO PACKAGE - Organic and Natural Latex Crib Mattress - Our 4.5" All Natural Latex has no synthetics or chemicals, with a Quilted Organic Cotton and Wool Outer

Plus Untreated Wool Crib Moisture Pad
Organic Cotton Quilted Mattress Pad
and Crib Fitted Natural Sateen Sheet.

This is a fantastic deal!  Everything you need to create a healthy crib space for your baby.

Purity is our main goal which is why we use natural materials in our mattresses and do not use synthetics or chemical flame retardants. We use wool in our mattresses to meet the flame retardancy standards as wool is a natural flame retardant, and passes all california standards.

FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states
Made in the USA by Purerest


Organic Wool Outer Natural Latex Crib Mattress

4.5" Crib Xtra Firm Natual Latex Mattress with an Organic Wool Moisture pad fabric outer 28x52x4.5. This mattress is a good choice for those with severe allergies or asthma or who live in a moldy or damp environment.  Absolutely no cotton here!  Made by Ecobaby of the cleanest latex, with no synthetics or chemicals added.

(We still advise using a washable removable mattress protecting layer with this mattress. Our favorite is the Crib Puddle Pad)

FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states


6" Flippable Organic and Natural Latex Crib Mattress


An Organic Cotton Damask outer quilted to Organic Wool surrounds this all natural latex mattress. Our organic and natural crib mattress has 2 levels of comfort to grow with your baby. The extra firm side is recommend for when the baby is an infant until toddler stage, and then when the baby is a toddler the extra soft side is recommended to add comfort to the toddler mattress. We recommend placing an untreated wool moisture pad and organic cotton pad on top to keep urine off the mattress. Can be used in Toddler Bed also. Size can have a variance of 1/2" in length or width. Standard Crib Size. Made by Purerest.



Organic and Natural Stokke Mattress



Our 3" all natural rubber latex (no synthetics or chemicals!) with an all wool puddle pad outer (not pictured).
(Quilted style available in Junior size only)

Use with puddle pad to protect it for many years of comfort.

Ships in 1-2 weeks.....

FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states