Air Purifiers

A quality air purifier can be a wonderfully effective tool for leading a healthier life. We use ours for many different reasons: to clear smoke from the air, during pollen and allergy season, when we paint or do construction projects, or when we are sick - to keep germs from spreading.

We searched for the best, and are proud to offer Austin Air Purifiers. We have gathered great positive feedback from the customers who come into our store, telling us how their Austin Air Machine has helped with allergies, or just made their lives overall healthier.

SOME MODELS & COLORS ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE (Junior Units not being produced at this time)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the Unite States, the increase demand for Austin Air's medical grade HEPA air purifiers continues.  Due to a large demand from schools, hospitals and doctors' offices as well as individuals, we must continue streamlining our production processes. Therefore, at this time, we are suspending the production of some models


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