AFM Safecoat

**** We ship AFM SAFECOAT products. You can put your Paint color choices in the notes at checkout.
The best way to reach us now is by e-mail at

*****PLEASE Order Early! COVID is causing delays with both supply chain and shipping

We set the standard for protecting personal health through reduced toxicity. You can breathe easier with Safecoat® — because we take health seriously.

*** PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE USPS PRIORITY MAIL for shipping as AFM SAFECOAT product must go by UPS due to regulations and insurance. Processing time is 1-7 days so please plan ahead. (the exception to this is one or a few tubes of Caulk which does go Priority)    I am getting GREAT DEALS on UPS shipping through PirateShip and I will revise your invoice before running your card when shipping comes in lower. UPS is running about 40% LESS than our website is calculating.

*****We DO NOT offer FREE SHIPPING on AFM Safecoat products as gallons are just too heavy and costly to ship - so a ship charge will be added to your order. 

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