BioZap™ Laundry Pre-Soak


BioZap™ Laundry Pre-Soak to the Rescue!

Only BioZap™ will make your laundry naturally clean and odor-free! Contains no chlorine, bleach, or harsh chemicals. Neutral pH. Does not emit toxic fumes. Does not contain perfumes.

BioZap uses the highest grade of Australian Tea Tree Oil (TTO) – Nature’s most powerful air cleaner and deodorizer. Tea tree oil (TTO) helps clean mildew and organic stains, organic contaminants, and odor molecules hidden inside the fabric.More on the unique powers of Australian Tea Tree Oil

It is like letting loose an army of tiny Packmen that munch deep inside the fabric on all the microscopic invaders and microbes surrounding the fibers. They even help remove bugs because the organic acids in TTO soften their exoskeletons/shells.

BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak normally removes stains and odors after one wash cycle. It is color-safe for washable fabrics. It is environment- and user-friendly. An all-natural organic product. Biodegradable. Nature's alternative to bleach!



Price: $68.00