Bamboo Plywood


Teragren’s traditional bamboo panels and veneer are ideal for any interior use where hardwood may traditionally be used, including cabinetry, reception areas, wall treatments, furniture and more. This material machines nicely, finishes cleanly and comes in classic colors with either a horizontal or vertical grain pattern that makes these products a preferred substitute to hardwood plywood for increased durability, a unique and refined look, and low environmental impact. PureForm panels are manufactured with an ultra-low emitting or formaldehyde free adhesive.

We currently have some panels from Teragren Bamboo in stock  I have 2 1/2" penels both flat grain.  One is Amber and one is natural.  I also have several sheets of 1/4"  both vertical and flat grain, amber and natural in stock.  Any special orders would be from Plyboo.   1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1 1/4" panels are available.

Plywood and Sheathing products are for local pick up only.  Full units of material may be able to be shipped to your jobsite depending on the location.


We currently stock a small amount of these products.  Please call ahead so I can be sure to have what you need.  Generally an order takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.

For more info and pricing please contact Eliot (link sends e-mail).



Price: $125.00